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Car skit
Viking Skit
Space Skit
Chris J Clarke - Short
Honest Stables - The Gay Song
Falling Down - Lyric Video
Honest Stables - Love Me Again
Why Steve - Mayonnaise
Honest Stables - Puppy
Honest Stables - Emo-tional
Honest Stables - Procrastinator
Honest Stables - Cooler Box
Why Steve - Midnight Hall
Why Steve - Broken
Why Steve - What's Wrong With You
Bee Removal Advert
Reconnect to Reality Advert
Honest Stables CD Advert 1
Honest Stables Gig Advert
Braai Video
Honest Stables CD Advert 4
Chopper Reunion 2019
Honest Stables Puppy Advert
Chilli Sauce Advert
Honest Stables CD Advert 2
About Honest Stables
Honest Stables CD Advert 3
Guitar Cover
Guitar Cover
Drum Cover
Drum Cover
Jacques Downing Drum Cover
Jacques Downing Drum Cover
Abel Jansen Guitar Cover
All videos were directed, written, filmed, produced and edited by Stephen Jacobs.

Video Equipment:
Nikon D3100
iPhone 5c
Basic Tripod

Audio Equipment:
Avid Minibox 3
Generic Pencil Mic

Video Software:
Varies from Windows Movie Maker - Adobe Premiere Pro

Audio Software:
Varies from Audacity - FL Studio 20
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